Long Island Stolen Lives

Long Island Stolen Lives

The Stolen Lives Project is an ongoing, nationwide project collecting information on deaths involving law enforcement. Listed below is a working list of all people who have lost their lives at the hands of the police in Long Island, New York. The list is in chronological order, from the most recent to the past. This is a working list. If you have any information on the police-related deaths listed or others, please write us at justiceforkennylazo@yahoo.com.

Tricia Odierna
October 1, 2015
Lake Grove, NY

Denzel Brown, 21
March 23, 2015
Bay Shore, NY

Kevin Brown, 47
February 10, 2014
Nassau County Corrections

Andrea Rebello, 21
May 17, 2013
Uniondale, NY
Nassau County Police                                               http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2635802/Jessica-Rebello-twin-sister-Hofstra-student-shot-dead-police-hostage-rescue-graduates-honor.html

Dalton Smith
May 17, 2013
Uniondale, NY
Nassau County Police

Dainell Simmons, 29
(Taser, Mentally Ill – resident of Maryhaven Center of Hope)
July 24th, 2013                                                                                                                           http://longisland.news12.com/news/family-of-dainell-simmons-files-lawsuit-against-suffolk-after-taser-death-1.8540024

Lawrence Ports, 60 (of Kings Park)
September 27, 2013
Suffolk County Police

Unidentified Man, 33
Feb 24, 2012
Found dead in jail cell (supposedly hung himself)

Kurt Doerbecker, 23 (Point Lookout)
(shot to death)
Nassau County Police
August 30, 2011

Kevin Callahan
September 20th, 2011
Seldon, New York

Roy C. Nordstrom, 46
June 11, 2011
Nassau County Corrections

Daniel McDonnell
May 6th, 2011
West Babylon precinct, New York

Anthony DiGeronimo, 21
March 12, 2011
Nassau County

Geoffrey J. Breitkopf, Nassau Bureau of Special Operations Officer
March 12, 2011
Nassau County

Jason Beller
March 1, 2011
Nassau County

Darryl Woody, 44 of Westbury
Jan 3, 2011 (supposedly hung himself)
Nassau County Corrections

Kevin Turner                                                       January 2nd, 2011                                                   North Bellport, New York

Gasparino Godino, 31
October 1, 2010
Nassau County Corrections (supposedly hung himself)

Herve Jeannot, 29 (of Deer Park)
October 26, 2010
Nassau County Corrections

Brenda Gaines
August 5th, 2010
Smithtown, New York

Darryl Bain, 43
November 14, 2009
(Taser) SCPD – 6th Precinct
Coram, NY

Erik Johnson
October 27, 2009
Nassau County Police

Frank Hernandez
October 8, 2009
Nassau County Police

Kenny Lazo
April 12th, 2008
Suffolk County Police Department, 3rd Precinct
Bay Shore, New York

Lelis Bonilla
March 12 2008
Elmont, New York
Nassau County Police

Nicholas Bisulca
August 11th, 2005
Nassau County Police

Scott Eriksen
June 12th, 2005
Central Islip holding cell
Central Islip, New York

David Glowczenski Feb 4, 2004 Age 25
South Hamptons

Jamal Blount, May 31, 2004 Age 33
Long Island

Unidentified Man, Age 50
December 20, 2004
Long Island

Thomas Pizzuto
January 8, 1999
Long Island, Nassau County Jail

Bryan Stewart
August 10, 1998
Nassau County

Paul Anthony Maxwell
July 31, 1998
Nassau County (Hempstead)

Christopher Jackson
July 1998
LI, Nassau County Jail

Christopher T. Johnson
July 31, 1998
LI, North Bellport

Steven Soma
Suffolk County (Holtsville)

Moshe Pergament
Long Island

Ahmed Zia
Long Island (North Babylon)

Robert Merle
Suffolk County (Smithtown)

Dwite Oliver
Long Island

Calvin Edwards
Long Island, West Islip

Christopher Wade
Nassau County (Elmont)

Jose Fuentes
Bay Shore


17 thoughts on “Long Island Stolen Lives

  1. in the case of My brother Darryl(supposedly Hung Himself)NCCC Jan.3,2011. He didn’t hang himself! There’s video. The NCCC& NUMC are in collusion,in hiding from the public, the existence of this video. I’m talking about the cover-up of a case that involved over four agencies investigating. How do you over look THE VIDEO. Even my present lawyer and the previous lawyer(fired) are seemingly working for the other side. Trial begins in March. I Need direction and a Civil Rights attorney. Darryl Woody was falsely arrested and beaten at the police station. He’s said to have been mentally ill. Darryl was abused, denied his due process (medical attention),abused (physically),denied medications, and killed! how do you commit suicide while on suicide watch? watch the Video!

    Where are The Federal Investigators that investigated Thomas Pizzuto’s case for corruption and cover up? What about Darryl Woody? Dash cams, Body cams, Surveillance videos(?) just lose?hide the incriminating evidence as in Darryl Woody’S case. Corruption by all that knows of the existence of this recording. Where are the people we employ to help the helpless. Darryl Woody’s suicide was made to look like a suicide by hanging.

    1. Yes. My phone number is (301)326-0578. I can be reached at anytime of the day to discuss the cover-up of my brother Darryl Woody’s (supposed) Death by Hanging. Thank You for naming him in your list on Stolen Lives because his life was really systematically destroyed and then cut shut all too soon.
      “I told them when I came in I needed my medication, and they didn’t give it to me!” he cried out, his voice echoing through the cell block as he was taken to a shower for decontamination. “I did this to get my meds, I’m sorry, but I need them!” That’s an exact quote(dragged from a News Day report). All Darryl needed was the most basic of medical care after he was beaten by police detectives,while handcuffed, at the police station in Williston Prk. Darryl died because he was denied medical treatment in an effort by corrupt and conspiring law enforcement entities efforts to cover-up the very crimes that got a suffolk county police Chief Arrested around that same year. Beating a hand-cuffed prisoner and then covering up by falsifying records and getting other personal Detectives to corroborate a lie. Detectives,in Darryl’s case, are the main actors; the department came next and then one by one (or two by three) without justification fail in line with the code of silence and falsification of the events that lead to my brother’s death. Like Chuck Dee The Rapper From The Velt.(Roosevelt, Li; where we lived) said it clearly “Shut It Down!” Well. Darryl’s death shut down the Secure Medical Prison Ward(lil-Abu ghraib, Irac torture) for NCCC at NUMC in 2011. This was to improve health care at the jail. Armor Health. A failure with deadly consequences. If this is the improvement imagine the former care,or lack there-of, Darryl’s death raised the curtain however, the veil hasn’t been lifted. The video depicts the actual occurrence and the State Commissions On Corrections has implications in this cover-up.
      “Woody’s death may have been prevented but for the grossly inadequate psychiatric care provided him in the jail and hospital, and the lack of appropriate supervision by the NUMC,” reads the top finding of the Commission’s heavily redacted Final Report of Darryl Woody.
      No mention of the video anywhere in the report. Please contact the press;then brief them on The Continuing Criminal Enterprise at NCCC operating under “The Color Of Law” to commit,and cover-up homicides in custody. Trial starts in May 2016. They will perjure themselves1by1 to protect the code and violate the rights of the mentally-ill. “What about Darryl Woody!) Release the Video Now!

  2. At present this Darryl Woody’s case has attracted the attention of Michael Goldburger of The Civil Corruption Division Of The Federal Gov. My lawyer lawyered up with another attorney to assist (run for cover) as he wasn’t doing his due diligence in Darryl’s Case (ndex # 017721/2011. Calendar #:2014H2406). Jury selection is scheduled for May 2016 at The Supreme Courts of Nassau County. “What About Darryl Woody!” He was not a mental patient as they would have you believe. He just needed medication to manage his symptoms of depression. Especially being arrests on Christmas -Eve on a complaint less charge just so police could get to the station house to have PD department Christmas amenities at the cost of depriving someone of his due process then beat him and the Suicide him and thn make it disappear from the public. The Very video system tax payers spent ,possibly,hundreds of thousands on to protect staff and inmates from abuse,in an attempt to aid investigators, not reliable to server the purpose(for witch they were adopted(?)) Nassau County defraud The US Gov. to foot the bill on the expenditures that doesn’t meet it’s intended standards. Release the video. “It takes one law agent officer to violate his/her oath of office (To Protect and Serve) then illicit and implicate community enforcement agencies to provide cover.” That is_ Until The Feds Get involved. Where are The Feds that investigated the Thomas Pizzuto’s case in !999. He was beaten to death for begging for his medication.
    “I told them when I came in I needed my medication, and they didn’t give it to me!” he cried out, his voice echoing through the cell block as he was taken to a shower for decontamination. “I did this to get my meds, I’m sorry, but I need them!.” ThenThe Sheriff Department tried to cover-up the beating of Thomas Pizzuto; as in Darryl’s case.
    Maybe Darryl’s ethnic origin played a prat in his case not being adequately investigated for criminal neglect-homicde and Fedral Civil Rights Violation that finally puts Nassau Sheriff and his ability to lead a troublevcounty jail to meet minimum standards of provision and supervision. Sheriff Spasato was then Under-Sheriff;now acting Sherif, was in charge of this area of supervision overseeing jail house policies and procedure are followed. He failed Darryl Woody on every level of his command and job description. He is not qualified to hold those Now He’s Top Cop On The Job. He’s a crook and corrupt and he lacks the qualifications to run our community enforcement laws.

    The Feds will have a field day on this case. Oh! The Feds are housing Federal Prisoners at the Nassau County Facility. Justice Deferred. “Silent Screams.” “What about Darryl Woody!.)

  3. LETTER TO MY LAWYER(SPOILAW). It took you long enough to recognize the ever-widening implications in Darryl’s case; homicide, conspiracy, cover-up and corruption systemically reaching the governing over-site of corrections;The New York State Commissions On Corrections. How can the Commission On Corrections fail to investigate the existence of video recorded evidence resulting in death in their institution.
    How high does this case reach in command in the jail; how hospital risk management officials colludes with NCCC jail supervisors to cover-up Darryl’s lack of care and abuse. Co-conspirators; DA’S OFFICE, NCPD,NCCC,NC HOMICIDE DIVISION, NAASU COUNTY JAIL INTERNAL AFFIRS INVESTIGATING OFFICERS, NUMC RISK MANAGEMENT TEAM, NUMC BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, DOCTORS OFFICERS, MEDICAL RESPONSE TEAM, NYSCOC AND NASAAU COUNTY LEGISLATING BODY, AND OVERSITE COMMITTEES. AND COURTS. A Continuing Criminal Enterprise Acting Under The Color of Law to violate the Constitutional Right’s of Darryl Woody and provide him with the most basics of medical care. These law enforcement entities are, present time, still conspiring to take the stand in civil litigation then make false testimony and perjury. “!Where Are The Feds?” No! Where is my lawyer? This “you said at the court house, looks like a homicide.”; then the changing story of the video surveillance. That video exists! If not there should be charges of tampering with evidence filed by the Da’s Office against NC supervisors responsible for not following policies and procedures resulting in death from violating supervision protocols and retention policies. Darryl Woody Shut IT Down!; the NCCC Secure Prison Ward At NUMC. The insurance company would no longer cover the abuse and neglect to inmates care being perpetrated as “appropriate medical care for inmates with serious illnesses.” The lie has been exposed; no thanks to you and your supposed press connections. Now you have availed yourself of new assistance in this legal matter, What are you going to do for Us (The Woody Family) now? This case would have gone to trial already and the corrupt system of law enforcement cronies would have had their way in court. They fucked up! They should have picked the jury while you were working in conjunction with their efforts mis-lead and manufacture another false account of the information request by FOIL. What’s the response to that request: still we wait. Is the court system also a part of this cover-up? Was that last proceeding even standard? Like your said to my family in the beginning “we shouldn’t have to do our own filings that’s something that our lawyer should have filed.’ Well, going to the Office of The Inspector General is something we should not have had to do independently! I doubt if you even read Darryl’s files based on your lack of knowledge of facts regarding his autopsy. The files are falsified documents that can’t even pass scrutiny. How did you miss so many observations such as Darry was being starved because he was eating the food that guards were tampering with. no one did anything yet he’s was said to be taken off 1:1. Or So They say. Was Darry really hanging or was that a cover for a choke hold performed on him? Where was he for 29 hours after the wrist slashing and cell extraction, Where was he when he was sprayed four separate times after the initial cell extraction that involved seven officers( two said to be injured). Where did they take him. and why the additional pepper spraying while he was already contained(/) Retaliation and revenge is what surely followed; for 29 hours before he was taken to NUMC. Where are the files that depict the four separate dousing of pepper spray;their missing from the files you provided? Did you walk through the Prison Ward yet? Did you figure out that this regards the desk sergeant as one of the chief conspirators in this case and including the admissions officer.Darryl is dead because the PD Detectives wanted to cover-up the beating, while in hand-cuffs of a mentally-ill arrestee who was in need of medical care, but got disappeared. All this was to keep him from telling his story of A Police Department Gone Wild just because two officers wanted to collect overtime holiday pay while enjoying the perks (Cookies coffee , doughnut) of the Department on Christmas-Eve. Darryl’s dead because he didn’t incriminate himself by falsely signing a statement that included a crime in which he was being un-justly arrested on. The excessive force used against him was intense to coerced him. THEN CAME THE COVER-UP THAT RESULTED IN NEGLECT ABUSE AND DEATH! And Still the perpetrators are conspiring to Lie in The US Supreme Court of Nassau County. All that will give false testimony to a criminal act,acting under the color of law,will 1by1 lie and be in breach of their duties and ethics. This is a homicide all who conspire to defraud and violate their oath of office in an act of collusion to corroborate false testimony are culpable to this act; which is crime of homicide. a crime that has no state of limitation. Aiding and abetting a criminal in an attempt to mis-guide justice., A crime punishable by What under the Federal Civil Rights Violation Laws. We Demand justice and full acceptability and prosecution and compensation including punitive assessments. Then we want a full press account of the un-lawful activities committed by our governing body and it’s guidelines to route out and hold accountable all the investigative agencies of government their oath and commitment to serve and protect our most vulnerable citizen( mentally-ill) that can’t defend or speak for themselves. Justice is having a voice to speak for you when you have been silenced and stashed away in the corrupt inner-workings of our penal institutions. “Silent Screams.” Darry screamed-out for help! No-One came to aid him. the County failed him at every level of care and custody by denying him his Due Process and basic medical care.

    “I told them when I came in I needed my medication, and they didn’t give it to me!” he cried out, his voice echoing through the cell block as he was taken to a shower for decontamination. “I did this to get my meds, I’m sorry, but I need them!”

    Ten days later—a year ago this Jan. 3—Woody hanged himself with a bed sheet anchored to medical equipment while on suicide watch at the now-defunct prison ward in neighboring Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow. Those and other details, many blackened out, were documented in routine New York State Commission on Correction investigative reports on such deaths, obtained by the Press via Freedom of Information Law requests.

  4. Thank you for posting my letters regarding the injudicious proceedings being perpetrated against Darryl Woody by NCCC; (Nassau, Corrupt, Conspiring, Cover-up) and NUMC:( Nassau, Under-staffed, Malpractice,Center.) . Still No Justice, still no Federal Investigation. Still No VIDEO. There are two videos that we(The Woody Family) are demanding to be released. The second video was of the beatings that occurred the night of Darryl Woody’s arrest, on false and malicious charges, while he was being booked at Williston Pk P.D. Two station Detectives beat Darryl to try to force him to sign a statement conjured up, by these officials, on Christmas-Eve 2010. This is what initiated and facilitated the following events that violated Darryl Woody’s Rights to Due Process, and to be Free from Cruel and Unusual punishment. This video recorded (government protected file) was also hidden from the public. Williston Pk P.D. is required by law and policy to retain these electronic files for a period not less than three years, and if named in a suit: For as long as the courts and the litigation is un-settled(per retention policies.. These files, along with the other recordings of the actual events that lead to Darryl Woody’s homicide while in custody, should be reviewable by the public! The duty to preserve first falls to the County or corporations attorney; who has the duty to make these electronic file (Videos) available. If destroyed or lost , it is the councils duty to disclose the incident of destruction, lost, or tampering. The attorney failed to present this video evidence as required by law and policy_TWO Videos! The NUMC is, acting in concert in a corrupt scheme, with it’s co-defendants, have deliberately conspired to obstruct justice by failing to maintain and make available this VIDEO evidence. What is it the County don’t want the public (Tax Payers) to know? “You Can’t Handler The Truth!” Demand Justice for Kenny and all the Innocent Lives that have been taken and ruined by theses crooked public officials. Think about ‘The Families,’ in addition to ‘The victims’, who names may not appear (the collateral traumas and un-seen injuries caused to loved ones of these individuals). Imagine your brother; your sister…don’t wait to become a victim to be indoctrinated into this horror then becoming a reactionist-activist! The time is now to stand for OTHERS that can’t for themselves. Be the voice of Freedom_not just a reactionary-Activist who waivers on major news events. Justice For Kenny: The Stolen Lives Project is the voice for the (systematically) silenced. People who have experienced feeling hopeless and ignored by County Officials know what it’s like to feel powerless. Learn more about Justice for Kenny and then become a voice ‘For The people’ that government agencies and law enforcement ignore. Challenge bureaucratic governance and bias injudicious ill-legal proceedings. Question authority; expect and demand accountability from these public servants and elected officials by lending a voice_better yet_A shout! We need to be heard, loud and clear, in numbers(mass) holding-hands in unison and asking the right questions. Then with the publics support and due diligence we ‘The People’ can put a stop to this corrupt systemic bureaucracy that conspires to Hide The Truth! SUICIDE OR HOMICiDE? YOU DECIDE! If Tax dollars paid for the(State-Of-The-Art)Video Surveillance Camera System_Then the ‘Tax Paying Citizens’ should get a return on their dollar$ “State Property!” Release the Video(s)_NOW! F.Y.I The NUMC:(lil Abu graib) is once again being considered to handle NCCC’s Inmate Health Care Services (An oxymoronic suggestion). Not before NUMC answers for the many atrocities of the past including
    what is occurring right now in the Supreme Courts Of Nassau County. That’s Darryl Woody’s law-suit which is becoming a major scandal. This corruption scheme to cover-up his case could possibly indict the former CC titled Cook/ homer Under-Sheriff/ Acting Sheriff Michael J. Spasato for his handling of the crime scene and failure to follow policy and procures in chain of command of evidence which includes the viewing and retention procedures for true video surveillance recording THE COOK DID IT! Just as he has done in the past when one of his frying -pans were used as a tennis racket on former mentally-ill inmate. Thomas Donovan Jr. Who was the County protecting when they(the county) settled the case for $500,000. The sum that they (the County) declined to pay (settle) previously. Who was the other higher ranking officers that would have been implicated if the trial had continued? I’m no conspiracy theorist but Cook and Frying-pan goes together to me. Where was The(crooked) Cook!? Inquiring County Minds Want To Know! See ‘Now’ you’re waking up_hard questions. Now ask yourselves how can the NUMC Risk management_and the NUMC both claim the other in Darryl Woody’s homicide, but the both conspire to tamper with and falsify evidence? Yes. There are three sides to the multiple investigating agencies involved with this missing evidence which now includes the New York State Commissions on Corrections and the Jail Advisory Boards Norma Gonsalves who vowed to “ask the hard Questions” and just happens to be Acting(acting)Sheriff Spasato’s_(like??) next door neighbor (by admission); A suspicious death on suicide watch being determined a suicide and nobody thought to view or evaluate the videos and then secure them for future viewing and litigations? WHAT(?) “I Five! (these many:11111-age) Who’s fooling who? Don’t tell the public that they have just been the victims of a fraud and government waste. first there were no cameras they stated,then when that was proven_a Lie, The County and the hospital changed their statement and then said ‘The video was recorded over @4 hours later. An Homicide Investigation began with-in 24 hours as stated;Homicide didn’t find that they had cameras at the hospital facing Darryl Woody’s observation room? That implicates the homicide-squad and the Jails internal Affairs Investigating officers and the former Under-Sheriff Sidney Head who was promoted to the Commissions of Correction when the(former)CC titled Cook was anointed_Under-Sheriff by (former) Sheriff Reilly. You mean the former Under-Sheriff is guilty of omission for failing to inform the commission of this video or does the commission already knows and in a bureaucratic move decided what was best for the public? Sydney Head and the other commissioners “GOT SUM`SPLAIN’N TO DO!”(explaining to do!)) Five…”I’ still these many: 1111-if you want me to believe that account. That makes two (former)Under-Sheriff’s that failed to perform their sworn duty and official services of their posts. Like I said earlier _A Major Scandal that continues to metastasize drawing direct references and corrupt connections that prove systemic abuse at very level of the DOC. Even the federal investigators that promoted the implementation of the state-of the-art system failed to Jus Go To The Tape! Yes_The Federal`lies! And Yes. Sheriff Spasato even requested an expedited visit by the Feds after Darryl Woody’s homicide in response to three previous (supposed suicide) (Cover-Ups) The Feds failed to exercise jurisprudence prudence and due diligence with their investigative prowess_That’s WOE! Not to mention incompetent and in-efficient and looking extremely bias when it comes to The Blue Walls Of Silence and the Fraternal Brother and sister-hood as former Grievance Officer (later President of the SHO: Sheriff’s Officer’s Union) before he (Barber was incited on 80 counts of sexual devices with women prisoners at the jail. Yes in 2005 when the feds lifted sanction Mark Barber had already been named in several excessive force law-suits. How can true feds have turned their backs and allowed this promotion of a known abuser in a guards terrorize-inmate jail be installed to handle complaints and grievances? The SHO Sheriffs officer’s Union was formed in !999 the year Thomas Pizzutto’s trial Co’s convictions year. This Union was formed in spite of the guilty admissions of the five officers. This SHo’s Union was formed to obstruct justice and officers’ accountability and disciplinary proceedings
    How many and leaders, in an organization that is private, would it take to be considered a criminal enterprise
    for the operation is deemed illegal and in violations in accordance with RICO: Organized Crime statutes? Two of the Union Presidents and several of it’s employees (abuser themselves) have been indicted on criminal charges of “Mis-conduct and for lewd and lascivious sadistic acts that would have made them all (the CO’s) residents of the jail that employs them, if ‘They” weren’t protected by the racketeering syndicate perpetrating as a Union(acting under the color of law) to obstruct justice and and get killers off! Look up: Thomas Pizzutto and read about His mother’s horror story of: corruption ,cover-up, intimidation and scandal, that was eventually settled after Five officers pleaded guilty to beating and stomping the medically-distressed(tortured) man; just for asking for his medication.{ DARRYL WOODY was to tortured for the very same reason:He kept asking for his (Community_Dr’s prescribed( needed) medications.} “I told them when I came in I needed my medication, and they didn’t give it to me!” he cried out, his voice echoing through the cell block as he was taken to a shower for decontamination. “I did this to get my meds, I’m sorry, but I need them!”—Darryl Woody
    Thomas Pizzutto was forced to sign a false statement saying that he slipped and fell in the shower. Then he was threatened with more violence and forced to be quiet about the beating incident_even from his family when they arrived at the hospital_under very close observation and scrutiny that was intimating to say the least Yes. The Doctors at NUMC did it. And their doing it again to Darryl Woody_{Darryl died because “He’_Didn’t want to sign a false incriminating statement, written by detectives, At the 8th precinct at Williston Pk} Thomas Pizzuto later died of his injuries… We paid for it with our tax-dollars ‘IF” the video system cost tax-dollars and then failed to serve their intended purpose, to protect staff and inmates, then people in the community just got hoodwinked and bamboozled by county officials that mis-used county funds. What has the Cook Cooked-up now?.NUMC can’t be trusted to take on such a vital responsibility endeavor because of it’s past and present un-accountable, un-resolved litigations. The entity thinks that we are all short sighted. This is because cases are buried and almost forgotten with time. By the time it makes it to the court new regimes have been installed to deflect blame. “That was the old Sheriff and administration;we are under new management now” and the rest of true official mumbo-jumbo. But as Rev. Al Sharpton put it_”We Gotcha!” “Darryl Woody Shut It Down And Now you want to re-open it under political pressure and radical-necessity_(but you still have skeletons in your closet(morgue) crying out for justices that are buried there by the corrupt bureaucracy @ NUMC. “Say No To Gianelli” and his radical cost-saving, staff-cutting, malpractices plagued mis-management skills and excuse! You say this guy isn’t even a medical professional_ well, Spasato was a cookMr Gianelli is in god company and proximity to a co-incopent manger. That’s why the two co-conspirators didn’t think before tampering with the video and falsifying reports:The fraternal Order Of Ignorance and incompetence_ Nassau County needs a make0over! Not a political party change but a mind set against the same old corrupt people running the Legislature. Like The almost !)) year old Norma Gonsalves (80yrs old) What is she waiting for; a sign from heaven_or Darryl Woody’s Ghost of Christmas-past? {Darryl Woody was arraigned on Christmas Day in 2010 He died January 3, 2011} please lady_ “thanks but no thanks” to your bias-council and leadership: “IT’S Time Norma_(tainted) history beacons you_your supreme council_ Just do it from the your easy chair! she failed to ask the one question: “What about Darryl Woody!”_The Video Then she failed to ask the follow up question:The Video! It must be senility cause Inmates died, and a lot are still suffering abuse and neglect, while she and The (Crooked)Cook exchange recipes-for-disater! She already got caught backing Spasato’s lies_ What are they cooking up Now? Darryl Woody is the NUMC’s contract bids achilles heel. Darryl Woody’s injustice haunts the selection process of NUMC bid to provide medical care for inmates because Darryl’s case is still active, alive and due for trial. A trial in which the community is aware of now thanks to ‘Justice For Kenny’ The Stolen Lives Project. This forum opens a dialog on preventative and proper care for inmates_as well as the suspicious deaths and cover-up by law enforcement agencies and corrupt government officials. Not adequate care but_life sustaining health-improving medical care and psychiatric treatment. Not just the old ‘We can’t comment on these investigations because we need time to make up a cover-story to sell to the mis-informed, misguided, un-sympathetic public: Lie, deny_then justify! Don’t just ware-house them under the ‘We’ll do what we can until he /she is convicted and sent up-state to prison(or bailed out)_health-care treatment;”take two of these then file a grievance in two days if the bleeding don’t stop or worsen_ better yet, if the wound develops a bad odor then turns green. NCCC Inmates need to receive the same treatment that they would have received if they were a civilian being transferred in from the community by ambulance_STAT! Yes! We need to hold the hospital to a higher standard. First by flushing out the Riff Raff and the present incompetent managers and Sheriff. Then build, from the top down, a proper medical protocol for inmate with medical emergencies. Force out corrupt appointees and quick-fixers to the budgetary problems that exist. The county’s need for the hospital because of its’ proximity and it’s secure ward for safety and efficiency is recognized; however, transparency and integrity has to be proven before the hospital can be in our good graces. There’s a cost ratio in managing proper health care on a restrained budget. But as the saying goes: $Pay Now Or_ $$$Paaay later! That cost should not be paid in lives_Innocent Lives. NUMC is responsible for preventable deaths at NCCC secure prison ward. Doctors were complicit in mis-diagnosing and failing to treat wounds and injuries suffered by inmates,(caused by correctional guards) there-by aiding in the mis-treatment and abuse of prisoners. The Doctors and the staff are In On It too; including Risk Management associates who all conspire, collude and collaborate together to hide the truth from the Families and the public. Thomas Pizzutto was seen by two different Doctors and neither was forth-coming or professional. When did these public servants stop working for ‘Us” _’The People? When did it become ‘us’ against> Them? When’ WE’ pay their salaries and their legal defenses funds for REAL lawyers; including the subsequent awards and settlements. What are they protecting when they lie, mis-lead, mis-inform, and mis-direct the public?_It’$ Not Your Money to bargain with! If tax payers stand by and permit these public officials to continue these corrupt practices and tactics, then(they) the tax payers should pay for the publics failure to demand justice and transparency from our elected governing officials. NCCC jail’s High-ranking officials take the public’s trust (and ignorance) for granted. We entrusted our public executives, legislature, police departments and commissions to do the publics bidding and all they do is gamble with human lives and destroy families and futures. This is no accident that these people died in custody , these death are attributed to cold hard calculations with malicious intent designed to terrorize, traumatize, wound, intimidate and also silence(kill). Think about the families of the deceased and then ask yourself_ Would this person still be alive if not for this chance encounter with the law? Everyone jailed is not a criminal. Although they ‘may’ have broken the law, they did not deserve the death penalty! These innocent men and women got death_(silenced) and the families were left powerless to face the penalties. That penalty is: NO JUSTCE _NO PEACE! Justice For Kenny! and all the nameless faces that we fail to acknowledge. For the powerless and the over-looked. Our voices will be yours! Stolen Lives We applaud you! ONE LOVE!

  5. Nassau County’s Republican-lead Government Administration and the judicial body is dis-functionally corrupt as the new President’s Administration and it’s cabinet members. Who knew that The Judicial Authority’s charged with enforcing the principles of the law could be as complicit and politically motivated to mis-lead and defraud the public. When you see in 2017, The justice Department and the Head of the Federal Branches of Law Enforcement breach their oaths and duties to protect a rogue regime regime andy their candidates. Corruption and collusion seems to be the norm when you compare the Presidency to the the Nassau County Executive Administration. Nepotism, Cronyism and just blatant disregard for for the Guiding Principles Of Law guaranteed by The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Nassau County is employing the Judicial System to cover-up the truth about a crime against humanity and human dignity jun the cover=up of Darryl Woody’s death on January 3. 2011. His death was ruled a suicide (supposedly by hanging. Darryl Woody’s death is in fact a homicide made to look like a suicide. Nassau County, NCCC, NUMC and numerous law-enforcement agencies along with the Doc and the NYSCOC tried to hide. This is a mayor scandal that Nassau County, DOC, NYSCOC, and The Federal Authorities have to contend with, And like the Presidency, Nassau County is using law enforcement and the Judicial system along with the Supreme Court Corrupt Judges to to Obstruct Justice by denying Darryl Woody his Due Process. This includes his Right’s to a fair representation by council. Darry Woody’s Death on January 3, 2011 was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras installed at the jail and the Secure Medical Ward at NUMC. Although theses government protected video Surveillance files exists, NCCC and NUMC has failed to disclose these electronic Video records for evaluation or Discovery. For six long years NCCC and NUMC has been using the the blue wall of silence and the judicial system to hide the truth by covering-up what really caused Darryl Woody to be strangled to death. Darryl Woody’s another victim of killer CO’s in the Sheriff’s Department of Nassau County. These same Sheriff’s were complicit in thee beating death and cover-up of a fee inmate name Thomas Pizzuto who was brutally beaten for asking for his medication. Darryl Woody was also begging for his medication and medical assistance when he was brutally attacked and then tortured by the extraction officers. He had to inflict injuries to himself in order for the guards to take his medical needs serious. Ten days later, while on 1to1 suicide prevention supervision, Darryl Woody was found dead…
    Darryl Woody was never taken off suicide watch so how did this hanging occur? Let’s go to the tapes(?)_Video Surveillance files to get to the truth of this deception created by the former Cook while he was Under-sheriff for NCCC. The Cook did-it and the Ol;d lady cover-up for him while his wife lied about it to protect Nassau County’s Corrupt Executive Ed Mangano. The former County Executive was forced by the Federal Authorities to install cameras at he jail and at the medical ward at NUMC. This County Executive failed to use due diligence in obtaining the facts in Darryl Woody’s case_WHY? Ed Mangano’s corrupt tactics and politically tied appointee Michael J. Spasato Cooked up this scam to defraud the public by not using the federal Court ordered video surveillance system paid for by tax-payers. Waste, Fraud, and abuse served up by Mangano, Spasato and his neighbor in the Legislature Norma Gonsalves. So here we have system-wide corruption and collusion by this republican regime operating, functionally and dis-fuctionally, to aid, abet and facilitate a Major scandal against a mentally disordered pre-trial inmate who was begging for medications prescribed to him by his mental health physician. Where are the Feds and the Attorney General? Well ask yourself Where are they in regards to this new president and his administrations follies. Need i say more? “What About Darryl Woody!” Thomas Pizzuto’s death got 40 federal agents to investigate. Which led five Co’s convicted and implementation of cameras at NCCC and NUMC. Darryl Woody can’t even get the benefits of an eye-witness testimony. A inmate witnessed Mr Pizzuto’s beating investigation had implemented_the Video Camera witness! “It’s Time to Call Them Out! “This is not he time for alternative facts or half-truths_It’s just simply a lie! Lying Elizabeth Loconsolo is Michael J. Spasato’s wife! She also worked at the Foil Request Appealate Division at the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department where we file our Foil Request to get the video surveillance files released to the public. Still we have not received a response from that bureau. So now we can start putting the pieces together as to who is comp[licit in this Cover-up. Now you ask “where are the Democrats ” when it comes to reigning in this corruption and fraud being carried out by their counterparts in the political arena_GAME! It’s all game! The Old Lady and Top Legislator got the Democrats on the council pimped-out and, at present, trying to stay in good graces with their Corrupt County Executive. Talking about “A wait and see approach to the possibility of removal. Let there had been a Democrat indicted for corruption he/She would have gotten Trumped! When asked by a well named reporter “who’s protecting The Sheriff Michael Spastao?” This guy wouldn’t even call her out: Norma Gonsalves, Michael Spasato and his wife Elizabeth Loconsolo._Under their Enterprise Racketeering Boss Ed Mangano. If the Democrats won’t Call Them Out, Then “We The People” shall call them! Then this same reporter asked the Democratic representative advocating for the inmates if he thought the health-care crisis at the jail criminal acts with regards to the mismanagement? Again. This democratic flunky failed to state the obvious collusion, cronyism. and nepotism that results in multiple instances of Conflicts-of-Interest for this clandestine regime and council. If the Democrats want criminal intent and actions Darryl Woody Scandal is the proof the federal Authorities need to prove that Nassau County’s Sheriff is criminally complicit in the cover-up of Darryl Woody’s death While one 1to1suicide prevention supervision at NUMC Secure prison wards Psychiatric unit. His death was caught on video Surveillance Cameras ordered installed by the former County Executive Thomas Gulloto following the death of inmate Thomas Pizzuto. Who was beaten to death, by guards at the jail, for demanding his medication. The guards tried to cover-up his death but was later convicted. Darryl Woody was also abused and denied his medications and then tortured by repeated pepper spraying to his face while physically being extracted and later as four separate vicious attacks before he was taken to NUMC. All recorded by the nurse who treated him each time. “Ten Day Later… Darryl Woody was found dead of an apparent suicide. his death was recorded and reviewed by NUMC risk management team and NCCC internal Affairs and possibly the Homicide Squad who investigates all deaths at the jail with-in 24 hours of the incident! First NCCC says there is no video cameras. Then when proven that they lied! NCCC claims that the government protected electronic video surveillance files had erased 24 hours after the incident. As if their still in the video tape age. Then the want the public to believe that their tax-dollars wasted on a government implemented, states of the art, video surveillance cameras failed to protect the county from a multi-million dollar law-suit in which the cameras was designed for_Failed? Waste And Fraud(!) or is this Corrupt puppet Administration and it’s political hacks gambling with lives on the tax-payers money? Where are the politicians when it comes to calling for transparency and accountability? Why has no one on either side of the political divide call for full disclosure by the Sheriff’s Department appointed crony(soon to be co-defendant of Mangano) Michael J.Spasato? Politics, political pressure, and misfeasance. Al in the name of protecting their constituents while turing a blind eye to the illegal tactics and mis-carriages of justice by this enterprise corrupt regime. So I am Calling on all the real Jail Advocacy Groups to say something and then do something! “Call Them Out!” THIS IS CRIMINAL! Tampering with government protected files is a felony if done with malicious intent! The duty to preserve first falls on Council Michael J. Spasto and Norma Gonsalves (his protector) Must Go! “WHAT ABOUT DARRYL WOODY!”: “We Can Handle The Truth!” “Release The Video(s)!”

  6. Denial runs deep in Nassau County’s Executive Administration. From the Top County Executive, Indicted on corruption charges, through the Sheriff’s Department, to Da’s office, who enforce the law, when it comes running Nassau County Correctional Center. Since the1999 beating death of Thomas Pizzuto, former inmate at NCCC who was stomped to death for demanding his medication. The guards at the jail attempted to cover-up the assault by falsifying reports and forcing Thomas Pizzuto to sign a false statement claiming that he fell in the shower. After the conviction of five guards responsible for his death, Nassau County Sheriff’s Department entered a Consent Decree mandated by the Federal Government. Since the Consent Decree implementation NCCC has continued it’s practices of lie, deny , then justify; maintaining the status quo of defending this regime of abusive guards. What came as a result of the convictions of the five guards NCCC was ordered to take measures to improve safety and security. One of these measures was the implementation off Video Surveillance Cameras placed throughout the Correctional Center at the tax payers expenses. Fast forward to 2011: Darryl Woody, a Pre-trial detainee, was found dead of a (supposed) suicide by hanging. This incident occurred while Darryl was being treated at NUMC for self inflicted injuries he caused to himself in an attempt to get medical treatment; the medications presribed to him. Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011 happened while Darryl was under doctor(s ) care and on 1to1 suicide prevention status while awaiting a bed at the psyche unit at the NUMC secured prison ward. This and the circumstances surrounding Darryl Woody’s Death was investigated by multiple law enforcement authorities including the Feds who initiated a probe into the four suicides that occurred in one year between January 2010-January 201- the day Darryl Woody’s death was reported; one year to the day of Eamon McGinn’s who was found hanging on January 3, 2010. NYSCOC found that his records had also been deliberately altered_Falsified by the guards!
    The NYSCOC who over-sees the jails and correctional Centers in NY State found Darryl Woody’s death was preventable and then went on to read that it was gross negligence and gross inadequate supervision that caused Darryl to hang himself. However, ‘No’ mention of the Video Surveillance Recordings that depicts what actually happened. Darryl Woody’s death was caught on Video Surveillance Files and neither NCCC, NUMC, Homicide Squad, DA’s Office, NYSCOC, or the Federal authorities, considered in making their findings. Yes! The Federal government who ordered NCCC to implement the Video Surveillance Camera failed to review the very Video Cameras Surveillance footage that the Feds had ordered_ ‘Access Denied!’ A travesty of justice perpetrated by the DOJ. “What About Darryl Woody!” “We Can Handle The Truth!” RELEASE THE VIDEO(s).
    Darryl Woody died on January 3, 2011 and for six years Nassau County, Homicide Squad, DA’s Office, NYSCOC, DOC and the DOJ conspired and colluded to hide the truth! WHY? it’s anyones question. How did the Federal authorities fail to access the very tools that they(the Feds) ordered? Thomas Gullotto, Nassau County’s ( former) County Executive was ordered to implement the cameras by the Federal authorities. This Corrupt County Executive Ed Mangano either dismissed these facts or Darryl Woody’s case is a political “Hit-Job” under the auspices of the ‘BOSS” Mangano. So here we have a corrupt County Executive using his authority, influence and his crony Sheriff Michael J. Spasato to violate Darryl Woody’s Due Process by Obstructing Justice in a homicide evaluation/ investigation. This political move against Darryl Woody is also being facilitated by the Supreme Courts Of Nassau County where the discovery process is tainted by injudicious Court proceedings denying access to damning evidence that will prove that that Darryl Woody’s death is a homicide being disguised as a suicide by hanging. There’s irrefutable proof and Nassau County is aiding and abetting the perpetrators that caused his death in an effort to protect Nassau County’s Correctional Center from Federal intervention as was done during the Pizzuto’s case. The County was sued and forced to pay $7.75 million in damages to the family of Thomas Pizzuto. The Correctional Guards at the jail responded by breaking ties with the CSEA Employees Union and formed the SHO Correctional Guards Union that same year (1999) to make bargaining Agreements geared to protect their fellow cohorts from criminal conviction for claims of Excessive Use of Force and other abuse charges. Thomas Pizzutto’s family was forced to walk through a crowd of angry Correctional Guards when the arrived at court to witness the trial. His mother is quoted as saying that she could not believe what was occurring; “These Guards are protecting killers!”
    Where are the Feds when it comes to Darryl Woody? We contacted Michael Goldberger the Brooklyn’s offices in New York and described Darryl Woody’s case and the cover-up that ensued. After delivering the court files to his offices over a year ago_Nothing has transpired in regards to these accusations. After over 40 emails to Mr Michael Golberger’s email address and the falsified file being delivered to his offices_ Nothing! Is the Feds in bed with NCCC(!) You be the judge. Is the Federal Government facilitating the deliberate destruction of evidence and government files tampering at NCCC. Well the feds know! The Feds have federal prison held at NCCC. Maybe this is what you call a qui Pro Quo: You do for us; we’ll cover-up for you deal? Or is it a You don’t tell ; we won’t tell deal. You’re all busted! Video9s0 don’t lie! And the deliberate destruction of government files with a malicious intent, to cover up a crime, is a felony in New York State! So denial may run deep but there’s consequences to this omissions and malfeasance while acting under the color of law. A Breach of Office and Oath! This Can’t Be Denied! Who do you call when the Federal Authorities are complicit in a wide spared cover-up of abuse at take jail? Blame it on Mangano Regime and his appointed Henchman Sheriff Michael j. Spasato. Both of these public Officials should be carried out in hand-cuffs these criminal acts. Yet the regime remains intact and more deaths are covered-up or settled before the Regime’s Enterprise Corrupt Ranking Members are brought to the stand to testify on behalf of NCCC’s egregious failures. How Nassau County gets around producing the video depicting Darryl Woody’s death is Major Scandal to witness. Jury selection starts in April of 2017. Beyond the statue of limitation to indict the killers with badges.

    ”It’s the toughest job in the state,” Mr. Adams said. ”It’s a large facility and there have been some instances of abuse, I’m not denying that. But are there systematic abuses here? No way. Right now we’re housing 100 federal prisoners. I can’t see how the feds would allow that if this report were the truth.”

    “I told them when I came in I needed my medication, and they didn’t give it to me!” he cried out, his voice echoing through the cell block as he was taken to a shower for decontamination. “I did this to get my meds, I’m sorry, but I need them!”—Darryl Woody

    Ten days later Jan. 3 2011 Woody hanged himself with a bed sheet anchored to medical equipment while on suicide watch at the now-defunct prison ward in neighboring Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow. Those and other details, many blackened out, were documented in routine New York State Commission on Correction investigative reports on such deaths, obtained by the Press via Freedom of Information Law requests.

    The fact is, if someone is intent on taking their life, there’s very little you can do,” County Executive Ed Mangano told a reporters’ roundtable when asked about the deaths three months after Woody’s suicide. That’s why there are strict legal guidelines regulating suicide questionnaires upon inmate intake, and guards carry a special knife called a “cut-down tool” to quickly saw through makeshift bed-sheet nooses.

  7. When Nassau County’s Top Executive Ed Mangano, indicted on Federal corruption charges, request NUMC to take over the Inmate Health-Care at the jail, he should be questioned about the former indictments of the Medical Center failures and it’s cover-up of abuses that occurred at NUMC prior to Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011. NCCC blames the medical Center. NUMC blames the jail. Both hide the truth by tampering with the Video Surveillance Files that depicts Darryl Woody’s supposed suicide (while on 1to1 supervision at the Secure medical wing at NUMC). Mangano’s predecessor Thomas Gullota was forced by the Federal Government and the DA’s Office to implement and install Video Cameras through-out the Correctional Center to aid in investigation of claims of abuse and to protect the integrity of investigations. This decree came after the 1999 beating Death of Inmate Thomas Pizzuto. Pizzuto was beaten to death for demanding his prescribed medication. Darryl Woody had also demanded his prescribed medications when he was physically assaulted and later tortured with pepper spray repeatedly by guards at the jail. Ten days later on January 3, 2011 Darryl Woody was found dead. His death is a homicide being covered-up as a suicide and the incident is being covered-up by all who failed to investigate the Government Protected Electronic Video Surveillance Files. The Federal Authorities that imposed the implementation of the cameras, DOC, NYSCOC, Nassau Homicide Detectives, the Risk Management Team at NUMc and the County’s Legislature,Etc, Etc… “What About Darryl Woody!” “We Can Handle The Truth!” “Release The Video!” Collusion!

  8. Nassau County’s Democrats complaint about the corruption in the County’s Executive Regime and his appointed crony Sheriff Michael J. Spasato. However, the Democratic party is just as complicit as their Republicans counter part’ leader’s malfeasance and cover-ups at Nassau County’s Correctional Center in Long Island. After the, well-publicized, beating death of Thomas Pizzuto in 1999 by jail guards,t he former County Executive Thomas Gulloto was ordered by the Federal Government to install Video Surveillance Cameras at the mis-run jail. Fast forward to 2011. On January 3, 2011 Darryl Woody, a pre-trial detainee, was found dead. the autopsy report stated that Darryl woody’s death was a suicide by hanging. This is far from the truth! Darryl Woody’s death, while under 1to1 supervision at NCCC’s Secure Prison Ward At NUMC was all caught on the very video Surveillance System that Nassau County tax-payer provided for to protect against fraudulent claims of abuse against inmates and jail staff. Darryl Woody’s family filed a Civil claim for $140 million dollars against NCCC and NUMC for his death. Thomas Gulloto was forced to implement this added insurance against false claims, yet Ed Mangano the present County executive failed to review the Video Surveillance Files depicting the actual cause of Darryl’s death. Not only did Ed Mangano fail to exhibit the Video Surveillance evidence, the Democratic leaders calling for Ed Mangano and his appointed Henchman Sheriff Michael J Spasato’s removal, also failed to call into question “What About Darryl Woody!” There’s Video! The Democratic party leaders failed to use their authority to exercise their rights to access vital public information regarding the Video Surveillance evidence allowing their counter parts in the Republican regime, loyal to their Boss, to take cover behind the Blue wall Of Silence, never asking for transparency in Darryl’s Woody’s suspicious death at the medical center. the Democratic party knows of this matter and of the cover-up that ensued. they just washed their bloody hands and ignored the government protected video surveillance files. WHY? They can’t handle the truth! The truth is that Darryl woody’s death was no suicide. Her died begging for medical assistance that he never received. Now the corrupt County Executive and his crony Sheriff, along with the guards responsible are getting away with murder! “What About Darryl Woody!” Some one has to c one forward and then call NCCC and NUMC out on this conspiracy to violate Darry woody’s Civil Rights to due Process and a fair hearing by denying the existence of this damning evidence. The citizens of Nassau County should be outraged by the waste, fraud and abuse that surrounds this case. Nassau County residents and constituents deserve better representation from these political hacks with hidden agendas. Who in Nassau County has the power to hide the truth by denying access to vital components that evidence a homicide. Who do we call on with integrity and ethical fortitude to ‘Call Them Out?’ “What About Darryl Woody!” Release the government protected files__Video. All advocacy; No action! The community is fed up with both of these political party’s efforts to paint-over the facts by mis-leading the tax payers on how their money is being spent on a surveillance system that fails to protect against fraud. This is not by accident it’s by deign! Both side of the political arena should stand up and do their jobs to get to the route of this corruption in an effort to reign in this pay-to play in politics. so I ask once again “What About Darryl Woody!” He had the Right’s tell be free from cruel and Unusual punishment in the eyes of the but the law failed him.; thew law is what killed him. Now the law is preventing him from getting justice by conspiring to hide the truth about what really happened to Darryl Woody on January 3, 2011. As in Pizzot’s case, the sheriff’s department tried to cover-up the beatings and employed two doctors at the medical Center that aided and abetted the attackers and facilitating in the cover-up. Thomas Pizzuto’s death spark outrage when the ‘blue wall of silence’ was finally broken. His death prompted changes at NCCC. The Video surveillance Cameras was one of the changes brought to NCCC. Now here we have another suspicious death occurring at for repeatedly asking for ‘His medication and medical treatment for bios head trauma cause by detectives beating him up in the police station’s interrogation room. He was taken to NCCC and denied medical assistance and then tortured and later killed at NCCC’s prison ward at NUMC both the jail and the malpractice Center has the same Video Surveillance feed from the cameras. Both hide the truth by denying or destroying evidence. Thomas Pizzuto got 40m federal agents to investigate his death at NCCC. Darryl Woody got NCCC/ NUMC, the homicide squad, NYSCOC, DA’s Offices, and the Federal Probe, colluding together to hide the truth!. So the implementation of Cameras was just waste, fraud, and abuse. Where are the Democratic leaders in demanding transparency? Their all looking the other way while people are dying _on video! ‘We Can Handle The Truth!’ release the video! Maybe if Darryl Woody’s name ended with an “I” or and “O” Darryl Woody might have gotten more political representation and support. Bias? You be the judge! Suicide or Homicide? You decide! “We Can handle Truth!’ Release the video!” ” Thomas Pizzuto’s death forced NCCC to install the cameras then why is no one from either side crying foul if these recordings are being denied access to by the public? Why is there no media after we diligent alerted the press? The Long Island media is collaborating with the defendant corporations. Attention Bridgette Murphy! She knows but fail to print or inquire. To Mr Dean Hart and the Citizens for Corrupt Government. you have been called out for campaigning for the NUMC to take over NCCC’s Health-Care. Let’s not forget That Darryl Woody, like Pizzuto, saw two doctors at NUMC. Stop Promoting NUMC: Nassau, Under-Staffed, Malpractice, Center. Get Your hands out of the medical Center’s pockets before you end up indicted like The Enterprise Corrupt ‘Boss” Mangano and the soon to be jailed Sheriff Michael J. Spasto! Claiming to advance my family’s interest all-the-while advocating for they contract for NUMC. How much is will it cost in blood and treasure to stop your madness from being considered sane. Plausble deniability won’t work in this case. You have been put on notice! “What About Darryl Woody!” The Cook did-it, and the Old lady covered-up for him. Norma Gonsalves ‘The Spasatos’ gated community neighbor and vanguard “Must Go!”

  9. The Kiss Of Death By the Leader ‘Boss!’ Mangano… Ed Mangano’s Request To His Former Co-Conspirators (Defendants) at NUMC.
    Mangano and his Enterprise Corrupt Racketeering Regime is Conspiring (Together Again) to defraud Nassau County tax-payers in his latest scheme before he is jailed. Federally indicted Racketeering ‘Boss’ Mangano’s Corruption Scheme seeks to hire his former Associates at NUMC [Co-defendants] in the January 3, 2011 Cover-Up in the tragic death of Darryl Woody, a pre-trial detainee, whose death is a homicide! Nassau County’s Top Executive (Racketeering Boss) Edward Mangano, along with his Criminal Enterprising Regime (Operating, out of the Nassau County’s Sheriff’s Department) Conspired and colluded to hide the truth about Darryl Woody’s (supposed) Suicide. Darryl Woody’s death, as well as his criminal neglect and torture by jail guards, was all caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NCCC and NUMC. Federal Government implemented, also ‘Government Protected’ (electronic ) Video Surveillance Files, that was ordered installed by Mangano’s predecessor Thomas Gullota, This ‘order’ in response to the 1999 beating and stomping death of Thomas Pizzuto. Thomas Pizzuto was also demanding his medications before he was abused tortured and then forced to sign a false injury report before he later died from his injuries.
    Thomas Gullota had the video cameras installed to aid in investigations and to protect the safety of inmates as well as correctional staff from fraudulent claims and litigation. Mangano and Co-Defendants, in the Sheriff’s Department, colluded and conspired with NUMC to deny Darryl Woody his Due Process by Obstructing justice and tampering with the government protected Video Surveillance Files in a homicide. Darryl Woody, like Thomas Pizzuto, was also begging for his medication when he was attacked and tortured repeatedly with several bouts of burning gas in face and eyes. This abuse continued through several separate attacks that was all recorded by a Nurse that had to treat him four times. After the initial attack that occurred after Darryl Woody was said to have cut his wrist and neck, Darryl Woody was entered at NUMC until 16 hours later that following morning as the guards attempted to hide the incident by denying him proper medical assistance for his lacerations and wounds caused by killer officers.

    Then on January 3, 2011 Darryl Woody is found dead by asphyxiation while on 1to1psychiatric care and suicide supervision at NUMC. His death is a homicide “Caught on Tape (Video Surveillance) that is being cover-up by Nassau County’s Sheriff’s Department’s Sheriff Michael J. Spasato, NUMC, and numerous law enforcement agencies and civil servants Acting Under The Cover Of Law. Gullota Installed Them_Mangano Ignored! Waste, Fraud And Abuse! Now the Boss Mangano is wielding his RICO contempt for the community again. Boss Mangano is calling in his former co-defendants in this Scandal to defraud more tax-dollars by re-employing his former conspirators to once again “Get In Over Their Heads” by Associating with Known Criminal Racketeering Bosses Under Federal Criminal Indictment for violating Federal Racketeering Laws involving such illegal contracts while under Criminal investigation. Yes. NUMC is getting requisitioned by a Racketeering M obster. NUMC must owe ‘The Boss’ Mangano a big favor. This is an Administration Hit-Job on Nassau County’s already worsening budget crisis against Inmate Health-Care Fraud and Abuse that costs in human lives and tax-payer money that amounts to extortion. Before the crooked Sheriff Michael J. Spasato, Mangano’s ‘Hench-Man-In-Charge’ of Covering-Up disturbing incidents of abuse. The Sheriff’s mis-management of safety and security, selected the failed murderous Health-Care Corporation_ Armor Health to provide health-care at the jail,. NUMC was the primary hospital that provided care at NCCC before Darryl Woody’s death “Shut It Down!” The insurers dropped the Secure Prison Ward/Wing at NUMC for all of the claims of improper treatment, deaths, and cover-up of abuse as in the Thomas Pizzuto case.
    Pizzuto was treated by two Doctors that failed to teat him properly for his injuries which was an obvious attempt to hide the extent of the brutality he received. Darryl Woody was also treated by two Doctors at NUMC. What this two case have in common is that Both Darry Woody And Thomas Pizzuto was begging for their prescribers medications both men were physically abused and seen by two Doctors at NUMC and both men died under circumstances that was falsified and covered-up by NCCC and NUMC. That’s where the commonalities end. Thomas Pizzuto got a 40 agent Federal Investigation for several months that lead to the Federal Government entering into a Consent Decree and the implementation of new policies and agreements that lead to the installment of Video Surveillance Cameras. Darryl Woody’s death didn’t get Government Intervention or Civil Rights Violations! Darryl Woody won’t get the benefit of the decrees agreed upon and ordered by the Federal Government (former) county Executive (Gullota), The Da’s Office (Dennis Dillon) ordered implemented and installed to aid in investigation. Darry Woody’s death is a major Scandal that is being orchestrated by ‘the Boss’ Mangano’s Enterprise Corrupt Republican led Regime that is in collusion with the top legislator Norma Gonsaves and the Sheriff’s wife, Counselor for the Sheriff’s Department, Lying Liz Elizabeth Loconsolo. Denial runs deep in Nassau County. However, it’s a fact that Darryl Woody’s is a victim of a systemic culture of terror, fraud, extortion by government admonitions and the Federal Government who implemented reform at the Jail, then failed to follow through on whether NCCC was following the new guidelines to be within minimum standards. Sheriff Michael Spasato, shielded by his Racketeering Boss Mangano, protected by his wife, Lawyer for the Sheriff’s Department, and Norma Gonsalves, has successfully managed to subvert the law and stifle the investigations into the cause of death of Darryl Woody by falsifying, tampering with evidence and for the deliberate destruction of evidence that depicts abuse, torture, gross neglect, and malfeasance by a State and Federal Government and NUMC Nu-Heailth Corporation.
    Risk Management was investigating along with Nassau County Homicide Detectives along with A Federal Probe and a NYSCOC inquiry. None of the law-enforcement or over-site entities requested viewing of the Video Surveillance Camera Files. Now we have crooked judges and lawyers trying to aid and abet this clandestine Regime. So Mangano needs a favor from NUMC. This is the kiss of death for NUMC getting back into bed with a Racketeering Scandalous County executive. When you own the Enterprise Corrupt Mob Boss a favor: you either deliver or offer his wife a high-paying no-show job on your board! Shelly Lottenberg’s response to this request will seal NU-Heaiths (NUMC) fate when it is called to question about all of the deaths and lawsuits against NUMC before Darryl Woody’s death Shut It Down!” forcing NCCC and the Mangano’s Administration to hire a hazardous solution to a worsening health-care crisis at the jail.

    NUMC will have to answer to these charges and the resulting conspiracy to hide the truth about Darryl Woody’s death; a homicide being covered-up by This Administration. Where are the Feds? The Feds placed the cameras in the facility and then walked away leaving a known inmate abuser in charge of the inmate Grievance Department(!) Mark Barber was later indicted on 80 charges of abuse and sexual deviances with female inmates. Mr Adam claimed that there used to be abuses at the jail , but that the feds would tolerate that kind of treatment. He went on to say that the feds are holding 100 federal prisoners there at the county. Motive form plausible deniability. The Feds Know! What is a Federal Probe that overlooks the overstated video Surveillance cameras that the feds had implemented. What is that Federal Investigators name rank and syndicate affiliation to the Boss Edward Mangano. How did all of these public officers, committees, civil and Human Rights watch and advocates fail so miserably in aiding the helpless when it comes to intervening and doing their jobs as paid public servants and officials. Now Mangano and NUMC is back! Embarking on another enterprising scheme to defraud the public once again before getting convicted on Federal Corruption Charges. He is a liability and any public, or private, corporation doing business with this Crooked Boss should be audited and investigated for it’s past and present indiscretions and partnerships to this Regime Operating out of the Sheriff’s Department.

    Mangano must go! Like LA’s Sheriff Lee Baca, his Under-Sheriff Paul Tanaka and their Hench-men in uniform. Nassau County’s Sheriff should be escorted out in hand-cuffs and made to stand trial for his crimes against humanity and the inmates under-his authority. Before NUMC should be considered for a interim contract NUMC must answer to the the tampering with government protected electronic files that depicts the homicide!Where is Dean Hart and The Citizens On Good Government Group? Though a Democrat he’s complicit for supporting the move back to NUMC! Who’s fooling Who(!) Where is the Democrats when calls for transparency from their leader Boss Mangano? Their all taking the wait and see method on the side-lines while this compromised agent in the Executive Office run amuck and make a mockery of Nassau County’ ruling class party members and their counter-parts in the other party. From Pizzuto to Ryan and Gleeson “What About Darryl Woody!” “We Can Handle The Truth!” “Release The Video!” The Providers has changed But the Dungeons remain the same.

    NUMC: Nassau, Under-Staffed, Malpractice, Center. NCCC: Nassau, Corrupt, Conspiring, Colluding. Mangano and his Crony Must Go! Criminal Indictments abound when the truth is FInally Released! This Is A Major Scandal being litigated at the Corrupt Supreme Courts in Mineola instead of before a Federal Judge and jury on multiple Civil Right’s Violations. This is where Nassau is betting the case to be settled with-out an admission of guilt or criminal intent. Wrong! This case will bee tried! The Truth will come to light and Darryl Woody’s death will reflect a lot about Nassau County and it’s politically connected public servants and law-enforcement agencies. Scandalous. So why isn’t Newesday ‘s Bridgette Murphy and other’s in the media reporting on theses Defendant corporations and the local government’s efforts to deny access to these Federally Protected Video Surveillance Files that are being denied (or has been deliberately destroyed)? We can only wonder. In apparent that this is a political hit-job against Darryl Woody and the truth about the cover-up of another homicide by the same jail (in 1999 Pizzuto) that almost got away with what amounted to murder. Thomas Pizzuto was begging for his medications when he was beaten then stomped. His family was also abused and intimidated at the courts where the four officers please guilty. In resonse to the out come of the trial. In 1999 Nassau County Sheriff’s Department formed their own S.H.O. Union to create bargaining Agreements to protect guards from being criminally charged.

    Now we have Darryl Woody begging for “His medications when he was subjected to brutal treatment at the NCCC and then at NUMC while under 1to1 Doctor supervised psychiatric care in the Suicide watch unit where he was found dead. His killers forging Union tactics with the same Sheriff (under -Sheriff in 20110) Michael J. Spasato to tamper with evidence, falsify reports, and taint the investigation. It’s obvious what forces in the Present Administration are at play. Just follow the chain of command of the custody of evidence and how the responsibility for evidence retention first falls to counsel and there you have the GM50 hearings that requested the discovery of the video evidence from arrest to depiction of Darryl Woody’s death that had a litigation hold. Later we file a Foil request where the Sheriff’s Wife Elizabeth Loconsolo headed for the FOIL Request Appellate Division. She’s has a history fas Queens prosecutor in tampering with exculpatory evidence that cost the tax payer 2 million on appeal. Then you got her un-disclosed marriage to the Sheriff Michael J. Spasato. Protected by their gated community next door neighbor Norma Gonsalves (Top Legislator). She’s an Awardee of NUMC and former spokes person for NCCC and there you have the ingredients to how former Cook, a lying prosecutor, a Corrupt Executive, and a Top Legislator conspired, collaborated to protect NUMC and it’s Doctors and Administrators from criminal negligence.by Obstructing Justice and tampering with evidence. “They Can’t Handle The Truth!” and the Federal Government, also laws-enforcement, housing Federal prisoners at the jail, Can’t be counted on to investigate the truth! The Feds are in bed with NCCC and NUMC is just embracing the Blue Wall of Silence and coddling with known Administrative Crony’s appointed by Edward Mangano. Darryl death :”Shut It Down” once and His death will end the contract considerations for dungeons at NUMC will be chosen again to commit the same failures of the past at 3 times the cost for inmate health care in comparison to other county’s. Victor F. Politi has a hefty decision to make when it comes to towing the line for the Corrupt Administration of become corrupted by the political implications of backing aiding and abetting this corrupt political leader. “What About Darryl Woody!” His case is on the docket still… Still no transparency. No accountability and no end to this Major Scandal. Trial is on the docket for April 24, 2017. Still no Video or transparency.

    “I told them when I came in I needed my medication, and they didn’t give it to me!” he cried out, his voice echoing through the cell block as he was taken to a shower for decontamination. “I did this to get my meds, I’m sorry, but I need them!”—Darryl Woody

    Ten days later—a year ago this Jan. 3—Woody hanged himself with a bed sheet anchored to medical equipment while on suicide watch at the now-defunct prison ward in neighboring Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow.

  10. Stop The Press! Norma Gonslves has conspired with NCCC and NUMC to violate Darryl Woody’s Civill Rights to Due Process. Norma Gonsalves as a presiding member of the Jails Advisory Board that oversees NCCC in 2011 failed to hold NCCC and NUMC accountable or transparent in the January 3, 2011 death of Darryl Woody. Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011, while on 1to1 Suicide Supervision at NUMC’s Secure prison Wing for prisoners at the jail, is a homicide covered-up to look like a [Suicide by hanging], Darryl Woody’s death was death was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC and at NCCC. Nassau County is hiding the truth about Darryl Woody’s death by asphyxiation. Nassau County’s (federally indicted ) Executive Ed- Sticky-fingers -Mangano and his crony appointed cohorts at the jail and the Medical Center have colluded to obstruct justice by denying access to theses government protected (electronic) Files that depicts Darryl’s death_a homicide! Darryl Woody, like Thomas Pizzuto (1999) was begging for his (prescribed) medications at NCCC when he was attacked, brutalized, beaten and then [repeatedly] tortured by pepper gas by seven jail guards at NCCC, following a [reported] suicide attempt. Darryl, while on 1to1 Suicide watch was said to have removed his Suicide Prevention Gown, then climbed to the ceiling( in his suicide prevention cell), dismantle a smoke detector to use to slash his wrists and neck, in a attempt to get his denied medications. After his violent cell extraction, Darryl could be heard screaming…’Newsday Reports…’

  11. New York State Civil Liberties Union’s picking winners and losers…”  NYSCLU’s bias disparity in litigant victims in Nassau County. Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011, while on 1to1 [constant] suicide-watch at NUMC/ NCCC alarmed local and state advocacy groups on Long Island; calling for a Federal Review following the four suicides in_one year at NCCC in East Meadow N.Y. Darryl’s [suspicious] death caused NYSCLU to call on Nassau County’s Executive Ed Mangano to implement the court ordered [independent review board] in the aftermath of the fourth suicide at NCCC reported from: Jan 3, 2010 death of Eamon McGinn to the January 3, 2011death of Darryl Woody. Darryl was said to have taken his own life because he was denied his medications and medical treatment at the jail. The NYSCLU called on Nassau County’s leader Ed Mangano to comply with the court judge’s orders to appoint seven members to the Board of Visitors as ordered. One year later, Bartholomew Ryan was the found hanging in his jail cell at NCCC in March of 2012. The NYSCLU, once again,  called threatened to sue Nassau County for failing to copy with the judges order to appoint the Board of Visitors. This time it was for five suicides that occurred at the jail. Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011, became one of the statistics, while Bartholomew Ryan’s suicide death got all of the attention and publicity by the NYSCLU; making Ryan the poster child for the impending lawsuit. Ryan’s family sue and was awarded $8 Million dollars by a federal jury for Ryan’s death. The jury found that NCCC should have placed Bartholomew Ryan on [constant] supervision because of Ryan’s medical history and mental disorders. Darryl Woody [was] on 1to1 [constant] suicide-watch and being treated by mental health doctors when he was said to have hung himself at NUMC following two reported suicide attempts from Dec. 24th the day of his arrest and the next incident occurred while he was on 1to1 suicide-watch at NCCC where he was begging for medications denied to him. Darryl was said to have taken off his suicide prevention gown, climbing up to the celling dismantling a smoke detector and slashing his wrist and neck.  Days later, while “still” on 1to1 [constant] suicide-watch, under doctors care, Darryl Woody was “Found Hanging by a bed sheet. The medical examiner labeled his death “a suicide by asphyxiation!”  Darry Woody’s death is a homicide that NUMC and NCCC are covering up as a suicide. Darryl Woody’s death was captured on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC and at NCCC. the jail blames NUMC. The Medical Center blames NCCC. Both hide the truth by denying access to the government protected (electronic) Video Surveillance Files that depicts Darryl’s final moment andy the true cause of his death by asphyxiation_a homicide!. NYSCLU dropped Darryl’s in place of Ryan because Bartholomew Ryan was a war veteran. That made him a better candidate than Darryl Woody; who only worked for the  Salvation Army. NYSCLU let Darryl Woody down by failing to call attention to Darryl’s death like they did in Ryan’s case. Ryan’s family gets $8 million dollars while Darryl Woody’s case is still in the (Corrupt) Supreme Courts in Mineola where he is being denied justice by the residing justice handling his case. This is not an over-site; this is overt bias by NYSCLU who’s it is [not] picking winners and losers to champion their causes. “What About Darryl Woody!”  He [was] on 1to1 [constant] suicide-watch that Ryan’s family indicated that Ryan should have been referred to save Ryan’s life; it failed to save Darryl’s life!  Darryl Woody’s death was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras that (former Nassau County Executive Thomas Gulotta was ordered by federal authorities, and the DA’s Office, to implement and install at NCCC and all medical areas at NUMC.”How did Nassau County’s [Finest] Homicide Squad_fail to review or take the video(s) into evidence(!) The (current) Nassau County (federally indicted) Country Executive has collude with his crony appointed Sheriff, directors at NUMC and operatives on the local legislature to violate Darryl Woody’s Human and Civil Rights to a fair trial by obstructing justice in Darryl’s death investigation by tampering with states evidence_the Video(s).  Nassau County’s “Boss Ed- sticky-fingers -Mangano and his clandestine regime has conspired to hide the truth by omission of the Video Surveillance Files that proves that Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011 is a homicide thats being covered-up as suicide by hanging. [All} caught on Video(s). This is a “Major Scandal made possible by the bias disparity of picking winners and losers that represent NYSCLU causes. Darryl Woody is a person, not just a statistic for arguing the Ryan’s case. He was {no] war veteran but he deserves due diligence,  fair representation, and justice by a Federal Court! No justice for Darryl Woody in Nassau County Courts where Darryl Woody’s Video surveillance files are being injudiciously denied by the justices. Where is the NYSCLU on equal Rights and Equal protections for all citizens afforded by the  Constitution. I don’t recall spacial considerations for veterans of War(!) If the NYSCLU would have treated Darryl Woody’s death as “Equal'”to how the institution [championed] Bartholomew Ryan’s death Darryl’s case would have been prosecuted for Federal Civil Rights violations, including Human indignities that would shock the conscience_[torture], Darryl Woody would have been allocated the [same] judicious and jurisdictional consideration by an [un-bias]  Federal Court with jurors not impacted by the outcome and financial implications against the County in which they are constituents.  Darryl’s case is being covered-up because the institutions of government that are suppose to protect his Civil & Human Rights _[Failed ]to show the minutest diligence in his death investigation, because of “Brass Shinning Objects” {MEDALS! } and the use of Ryan as a poster child; overt bias! Along with the Consent Decree that Nassau County entered with the federal government over Civil Right Violations at NCCC, the federal government band the DA’s Office Video Surveillance Cameras implemented and installed in the jail and medical areas at NUMC. How did the NYSCLU forget that federally mandated reform tool?  Willful ignorance(!) The Surveillance Cameras were a part of the agreement that re-established the implementation call for the Board of Visitors, a [crony ]appointed Board of Visitors  where the head of Risk management Team  was selected to be on the Board(!) yes! He also happens to be an (former) FBI-agent, Michael Farrendino. NYSCLU sues for Darryl Woody and other inmates who died in one year at NCCC/ NUMC and Ed- Mangano appoints the hospital’s Risk Assessment Manager to the committee charged with investigating policies and procedure violations, including claims against their own institutions(!) “Boss’ Ed- sticky-fingers -Mangano’s regimes Continuing Criminal Enterprise Scheme, initiated by a politically engineered Health-Care Crisis at NCCC, puts ‘Boss’ Mangano’s crony appointed cohorts at NUMC back in-charge of inmate health care that will have tragic results followed by malfeasance, gross neglect and improper medical care. Before Armor Correctional Disaster-Care costing lives at NCCC, There was NUMC’s Tragic-Care that was costing lives at NCCC.  Mangano is taking Nassau County Backward towards_inmates be damed. This was part of his enterprise corrupt agenda to continue to defraud tax-payers. Tax-payers paid for the Video Surveillance Cameras approved by Nassau County’s legislature; the cost exceeded $2 million dollars estimated by Thomas Gulotta. Waste, Fraud and Abuse!  So how many government institutions are complicit in this cover-up conspiracy to violate Darryl Woody’s Due Process to a fair trial by a fair, un-bias, un-affected jury that’s not engaged in [protectionism](!)  All of the institutions that have knowledge or should have knowledge about the Video Surveillance Cameras files [but] said nothing, or did nothing, are [all guilty of omission, willful-disregard or ignorance-Failure to report! These breaches failed Darryl Woody and numerous other inmates at NCCC/ NUMC. The Cameras were installed to save lives. “To protect the integrity of an investigation!” What does NUMC, NCCC, Nassau County’s Executive Administration ‘Have To Hide?’ “We Can Handle The Truth!” “Release the Video(s)!”  “Now!”  Trial Date: September 11, 2017. Index: 017721/2011.  ‘FOIL Request To No Avail!’

  12. No justice for Darryl Woody in Nassau County’s (corrupt0 Supreme Courts in Mineola. Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011, while on 1to suicide watch; being treated by doctors at NUMC, was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras implemented by federal authorities, DA’s Office and Nassau County’s legislature. Darryl Woody’s Human and Civil Rights are being violated by Nassau Count’s Executive Administration and the Supreme Courts In Mineola. NCCC blames the Medical Center. NUMC blames that jail. Both Conspire to ‘hide the truth’ by denying access to the Video Surveillance Camera Files that depict Darryl Woody’s true cause of death by_asphyxiation, while on “1to1 suicide-watch at NUMC_a homicide! This is a cover-up; a “Major Scandal that’s being perpetrated against an innocent, mentally-ill, pre-trial detainee, who was begging for his (prescribed) medications, when he, like Thomas Pizzuto (1999), was attacked beaten brutalized and then tortured for seventeen hours before being transported to NUMC the following day for treatment. Days later Darryl Woody was said to have been “Found” hanging by jail guards that were suppose to be on constant 1to1 watch; sitting outside his room door at NUMC. This is a “homicide” that’s being covered-up as a suicide by hanging by NUMC, NCCC, and Nassau County’s (federally indicted) Executive, including members of the Jail Advisory Board and the legislature. Nassau County has engineered this case to stay in local courts instead of the feds by poisoning the attorney pool and compromising our lawyers ethical responsibility to effective counsel. Three Conflicts of interest concerning three separate lawyers have happened due to corrupt tactics, political connections, or just ‘seling-out’ Nassau County’s corporate establishment that runs Nassau County and the judicial system. This is a political hit-job that is being perpetrated by Ed- sticky-fingers -Mangano and his crony appointed operatives at NUMC and in the Sheriff’s Department; facilitated by Norma Gonsalves collaborating, colluding regime in the legislature. This is a federal case! Where are the feds? The feds are in bed with Nassau County’s corrupt politics. How did the Homicide Division, DA’ s Office, NYSCOC, NYCLU, The AG’s Office, Internal Affairs, Risk Management at NUMC, [all] fail to review the Video Surveillance Files that depicts the truth? Systematic collusion, malfeasance, misfeasance, omission and enterprise corrupt fraud by a Continuing Criminal Enterprise led by Nassau County’s racketeering ‘Boss’ Ed-sticky-fingers -Mangano in his fraudulent schemes that defrauds tax-payers. NUMC and NCCC are getting away with murder! This made possible with the aid of Nassau County’s corrupt courts where discovery motions to review the video(s) are being injudiciously denied by justices at the Supreme Courts. What’s NUMC. NCCC, Nassau County ‘HaveTo Hide?’ :”We Can Handle The Truth!” Release The Video(s)!” “Now!” Trial Date September 11, 2017. Index: 017721/2011 Foil Request not effective!

  13. What is Laura’s position on police worn body cameras to protect the integrity of investigations into excessive force abuses by police officers against Nassau County residents who taxes pay their salaries and lawsuits(!) Then ask her about Naasau County’s (former) Executive leader Thomas Gullota’s federal order, following the Thomas Pizzuto’s death (1999) that implemented new reform policies that DA Dennis Dillon proposed to the legislature. Surveillance Cameras estimated to cast in excess of $2 million tax-payers dollars. Thomas Pizzuto, like Darryl Woody, was begging for his (prescribed) medications, when he too was attacked, beaten, brutalized by jail guards at NCCC. Darryl Woody was attacked by seven correctional guards that claimed that he had attempted suicide by slashing his wrists and neck , while on 1to1 constant-watch (suicide supervision) in a suicide prevention cell(!) Darryl was beaten and repeatedly tortured four separate instances that lasted seventeen hours before he was transported to NUMC’ s Mental health wing. Day’s later, Darryl Woody, while “still” on 1to1 constant-watch; under doctors care, was said to have been “Found Hanging!” The medical examiner ruled it; Death by asphyxiation_hanging(!) How is an innocent, mentally-ill pre-trial detainee who was denied medications and medical treatment at the jail Found Hanging” when he was under 24 hours constant watch following two earlier (reported) attempts and a mental history? This is a homicide that’s being cover-up as a suicide by hanging at NUMC. All caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC and at NCCC> The jail blames NUMC. The Medical Center blames NCCC. Both conspire to violate Darryl Woody’s Human and Civil Rights by [hiding the truth] about Darryl Woody’s death by asphyxiation. Darryl’s [suspicious] death was captured on Video Surveillance Cameras That (former) County Executive Thomas Gullota was ordered installed by the feds following Thomas Pizzuto’s beating death. (federally indicted) Ed- sticky-fingers -Mangano breached his duties by conspiring to obstruct justice in Darryl Woody’s death investigation using his office to manipulate and deny access to the damning evidence that proves Darryl Woody’s January 3, 2011death, while on suicide-watch at NUMC, is a homicide being covered-up as a suicide NUMC, NCCC, and Nassau County’s [corrupt] Executive and legislative members that on the jails Advisory Board and failed to produce or review the government [ordered] installed, Da requested, legislature approved, government protected files_ the Video(s)! Malicious Tampering is a felony in New York State!. What’s NUMC, NCCC, Nassau County’s (federally indicted) racketeering ‘Boss Ed sticky-fingers – Mangano and his crony appointed operatives and cohorts on the bench,”Have To Hide?” “We Can Handle The Truth!” “Release The Video(s)!” “Now!” This is a “Major Scandal! How did Nassau County’s homicide Squad fail to review then take into evidence_the Video Surveillance Recordings? So what is Laura Curran’s position on this Matter Of Darryl Woody’s Human and Civil Rights to a Due process and a fair trial in Nassau County’s (corrupt) Supreme Courts that’s represented by all the states evidence testimonies, witnesses and Video Surveillance Files. Darryl Woody “Can’t get Justice in Nassau County Courts where motions for review of Darryl’s Video Surveillance Files are being injudiciously denied by the presiding justice. This is a political hit-job by a corrupt regime operating out of Nassau County’s Sheriff’s Department aided, abetted, and facilitated by Norma Gonsalves and her politically compromised associates on the Committees that over-sees the jail. They are all complicit in this cover-up for fail to show Due Diligence in this Matter Of Darryl Woody. Pizzuto’s death got Cameras installed in NCCC and in NUMC’s prison medical wing. Darryl Woody’s death, while “still’ on 1to1 suicide-watch, was captured on these Video Cameras approved by the legislature. This is a “Major Scandal!” This is a homicide! Trial Date: September 11, 2017. Index: 017721/2011. Ask Laura Curran to “What About Darryl Woody!” His death was caught on Video(s)! Ask that she as Executive Candidate can make her stand by filing a FOIl Request at Nassau County’s Sheriff’s Department where Sheriff Michael J. Spasato’s wife Elizabeth Loconsolo heads the FOIL Request Appellate Division_A Conflict Of Interest! ‘Talking about integrity(!)’ From Thomas Pizzuto’s death (1999) to Bartholomew Ryan death (2012)… “What About Darryl Woody! January 3, 2011 at NUMC/NCCC. Index: 017721/2011.

  14. Ethics Reform(!) Ethics Reform starts with observation and due diligence to matters regarding ethical principles. They trusted can’t perform ethical practices while their heads are buried in the sand and declining to hold those in violation of the ethical models associated in their profession. How can a priest reform a church if he/ she is un-willing to call out leaders of the church that are reported to have violated ethical religious values. Nassau (corrupt) County law-makers are un-willing to call out their associates when the are in violation of ethical principles. Aside from eye-witnessing mis-conduct and transgressions society has relied on the inception of Video Surveillance Cameras as “silent-witness” thought they may be doctored, Video Cameras don’t lie! When Video Surveillance Cameras available two support incidents of mis-conduct or criminality, willful ignorance allows un-ethical practices to persist. One bad apple can spoil a whole barrel of apples. Like they say “One Bad Apple…” Suffice to say that the law-makers in Nassau County are [all] corrupt if they are not calling out those individuals that are corrupt, but continue to consort with them. It would be hard for me to stay friends with a child molester without it in some way affecting my judgment_ “Birds of a feather…” So it stands to reason that if members on the legislature are well aware of a member colleagues mis-conduct or failures to perform their oath of office, then the fellow members are all acting in concert. This is considered aiding, abetting , and facilitating the offenders. Which makes each one an enabler. I, for one, can never look at a priest again with-out first thinking “Baby booty bandits of the of the holy cloth” When i use to associate them with the Exorcist_the movie. Priests get all over gets a bad rap. Can you blame the people, ‘Or’ do you blame them all for failing to act? Ethical practices begins with self and then it’s projected outwards to your environment and to the individuals that make up a group. Not all police are Bad Cops, but their failure to adhere to principles and ethics make them all suspect because they act in groups with a gangland mentality. Correctional guards get the same scrutiny. You can have guards that perform their duties, but when there’s one guards that in that group who believes that it;s his Right to use excessive force then inmates can’t trust any. The powers of one man standing against a groups un-ethical intent may change the outcome of a bad choice. You can’t get elected to higher Office and then belittle for principles based on someone else’s mind-set; going with the flow. You have to go against the current if you intend change directions or change the outcome of things. Legislative member see the problem, but become part of the problem by acting in concert or by turning a blind eye to it; it must be confronted head on! Which brings me to the case of Darryl Woody. His death on January 3, 2011, while on 1to1 [constant] suicide watch and under doctors care., was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC and at NCCC. Video Cameras that were ordered by federal authority and the DA’s Office intended to protect the integrity of investigations into claims of excessive force at the jail guards against inmates_most still awaiting trial. Surveillance Cameras that the legislature had voted to approve at a cost in excess of $2 million dollars in tax-payers money. although many members were not on the legislature at the time when this reform was implemented in [1999] following the beating (stomping death of (former) inmate Thomas Pizzuto. An inmate who was killed because he would not stop begging for his medication. Five guards were later convicted for his death that they conspired to cover-up with medical doctors and ranking jail officials. Pizzuto’s death and the cause of his death was brought to light by “One Man! A fellow prisoner that Pizzuto befriended behind bars in the few days that he was there. His death resulted in new reforms at true jail that included Video Surveillance Cameras installed at NCCC and NUMC’s medical areas. The legislature knows about these reforms that implemented the Cameras. Yet, when incidents occur at the jail that involves excessive force complaints or death. No One on the legislature that’s on the Jail Advisory Board calls for the review of the Video Surveillance Files that depicts the mis-conduct or un-ethical actions of government officials_correctional officers responsible. Darryl Woody’s death was caught on video. For six years NCCC/ NUMC have denied the video Cameras exists in the NUMC medical wing. This deal has implicated several members on the legislative committees that are aware of the video Surveillance Cameras. This makes the individual Board members complicit_as a group in the scheme to “hide the truth” from the people that elected them to represent them. The Status quo mentality that groups them with the perpetrators that violated the rules of conduct. Failure to report is in-fact contemptible, un-ethical mis-conduct. This would in essence make them the foxes watching the hen-house. They can’t be trusted to lead for fear of being caviled out as co-contributors. Plausible deniability is an excuse for willful disregard! That makes them part of the problem, not the solution! When these complicated confused individual fail to confront the issues, that makes them all part of the problem that exists. How can you be a part of evil, but not be evil by intent? all it takes is ONE Man or woman to make a stand against the forces of evil to stop evil. In the case of a child molester or worse. It only takes one person to get involved to save that child’s innocence. Who on the Legislature has the internal fortitude to make a stand against miscarriages of justice. Who will stand up for those whom have been silenced by evil intent and government bureaucracy? “What About Darryl Woody!” His death was captured on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC/ NCCC. Either you’re part of the problem or part of the solution to the problem. “We Can Handle The Truth! What does NUMC,NCCC, Nassau County’s Executive Administration have to hide? Suicide Or Homicide? “You Decide!” “Release The Video(s)!” “Now!” Trial Date: September 11, 2017 at the (corrupt) Supreme Courts in Mineola, where ethics is a destructive word that goes against the status quo. Index: 017721/2011


  15. Carrie Solages has the “Right” to be treated fairly! He also has the “Right” to defend himself in a fair trial by a fair and un-bias jury. He has the “Right” to be free from Cruel and Un-usual Punishment if he’s convicted on [domestic violence] charges. None of these protections were given to Darryl Woody who was arrested on (falsified) domestic violence charges on Dec. 24th [Christmas Eve] 2010. Carrie Solages, unlike Darryl Woody, was treated ‘Civil’ when he was arrested. Darryl Woody was abused, beaten and denied medical attention for the injuries he sustained while being interrogated by Williston Park detectives trying to force him to sign a false statement incriminating himself. Darryl Woody was taken to NCCC where it was reported that Darryl Woody attempted suicide at the police station. This in an effort to justify Darryl’s head injuries. He was placed on 1to1 Suicide Supervision and segregated from the general jail population. Then on Dec.24, 2010 Darryl Woody was begging for his medications and medical treatment when he was attacked, brutalized and then tortured by seven jail guards that responded to Darryl Woody’s (supposed) attempted suicide_while on 1to1 Suicide Supervision and held in a suicide prevention cell. Darryl was (supposedly) allowed to remove part of a smoke detector to use to slash his wrist and neck in an effort to get his [prescribed] medications and medical treatment for the head injuries that interrogating detectives described as “banging his head against a cement wall.” Darryl was taken to the medical unit at NCCC where he was hidden away for seventeen hours and [repeatedly] tortured by pepper gas by correctional guards at the jail. He was pepper gassed on four separate incidents and treated four times for burns that he received from the excessive force and abuse. Darryl words were “I did this to get my medications. I told them when I came in that I needed my medications and they wouldn’t give them to me.” [I’m sorry] but I need them. Days later while ‘still’ on 1to1 Suicide Supervision, and ‘still’ awaiting a bed in the psychiatric ward at NUMC, Darryl Woody was (supposedly) “Found” hanging by a sheet in the mental observation ward by jail guard that were suppose to be watching him on 1to1 Suicide Supervision (suicide-watch). His death was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC and NCCC. These government protected files have been denied to us by NUMC, NCCC, and Nassau County (corrupt) Supreme Court Justices. NUMC blames the jail. NCCC blames the Medical Center. Both conspire to obstruct justice by hiding the Video(s) that depicts Darryl Woody’s neglect, abuse, torture, deliberate indifference, and the ‘true cause’ of Darryl Woody’s death, while ‘still’ on [1to1] Suicide Supervision and under doctors care at NUMC. Mr. Carrie Solages was elected to the legislature that voted to approve the installation of the Video Surveillance Cameras ordered by federal authorities and Nassau County’s DA’s Office in response to the [1999] beating (stomping) death of inmate Thomas Pizzuto for begging for ‘his’ prescribed medications. Five jail guards were convicted for Pizzuto’s death. Thomas Pizzuto’s death forced Nassau County’s (former) top Executive Thomas Gullota to install Cameras at NCCC and in the medical areas at NUMC. Darryl Woody, on the other hand, was denied this investigative tool that was suppose to protect the safety and security of correctional-staff and inmates. The Video Cameras were supposedly installed to protect the integrity of investigations into excessive force abuse claims by inmates against abusive (killer) jail guards at NCCC. Legislator Carrie Solages should show due diligence in this Matter Of Darryl Woody since he too was arrested for the same charge in Nassau County. Carrie Solages is innocent until proven guilty. “What About Darryl Woody!” His death was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC and NCCC. Cameras approved by the legislature! Unfortunately, Darryl Woody wasn’t entitled to the same Constitutional Protections that Carrie Solages was given. Carrie Solages got released on his own recognizance; Darryl Woody got death and depravation of his Civil Rights to a fair trial that considers all the evidence and facts. Legislator Carrie Solages is in a unique position facing domestic violence charges. His position on the legislature is to uphold his ethical duties to the public and to Darryl Woody. All Carrie Solages has to do is ask “What About Darryl Woody!” to start the inquiry into the denied Video Surveillance Recordings of Darryl Woody’s death. He too may have been a victim of the corrupt judicial system that hides the truth! ‘What Does NUMC, NCCC, and Nassau County’s government administration (led by his ‘Boss’ (federally indicted) Ed- sticky-fingers -Mangano) Have To Hide? “We Can Handle The Truth!” Yes. Solages has the Right to be silent but his elected position in government requires that he speak out against fraud, corruption, and criminal actions that Nassau County tax-payers pay for in jury awards.

  16. Dean Hart of the Citizens for Good Government Group that claims to be advocating for better health -care at NCCC is perpetrating a fraud! This is a politician who touts transparency in local government while supporting a medical corporation that is less forthcoming. NUMC is faced with multiple lawsuits arising from improper medical care to inmates treated there prior to Darryl Woody’s suspicious death on January 3, 2011 when the Medical Center held the contract for the jail. This disqualifies NUMC from even being considered for an “interim fix” to the Health-Care crisis at the jail. Mangano and his Enterprise Corrupt cohorts at NUMC is at it again! However, this time with the aid and support of local a activist running for office using this issue as a campaign rouse. Ed Mangano and his crony’s at NUMC can’t be allowed to re-open the former dungeons that is responsible for deliberately failing to diagnose and treat inmates with quality and professional medical care. Now Nassau County’s (Federally Indicted )Racketeering Boss Ed Mangano is giving NUMC the kiss of death by calling in his political favors from his council on the Medical Board at the hospital, located across from the jail in East-Meadow N.Y. Dean Hart and his Citizen’s Good Government Group is complicit in this scheme that threatens to put lives at risk at the jail. Nassau County’s top Executive, along with NCCC and NUMC, still has to face trial for litigation in the wrongful death suit. On January 3′ 2011 Darryl Woody was found dead from an apparent suicide. Darryl Woody’s death is homicide being cover-up as a suicide by NCCC and NUMC. The jail blames NUMC the Medical Center blames NCCC. Both hide the Video Surveillance Files of the incident from the public! Mangano’s Administration along with federal and local law-enforcement agencies is making a collaborate effort to deny access to the government protected (electronic Video Surveillance File that depicts Darryl Woody’s Abuse, torture and treatment that cause his death. Dean Hart is in Conflict Of Interest of his commitment to transparent and accountable government if he and the Citizens for Good Government Group is not demanding that NUMC responds to denial of access to public information that a FOIL request failed to get release. NUMC is in contempt of public policy on transparency and the Good Government Group leader has full knowledge of these facts yet fails to confront this abuse, waste and fraud of tax-payer money spent purchasing in-effective tools to fight fraudulent claims against staff at the Correctional Center. Nassau County’s Former County Executive Thomas Gullota was Ordered by federal authorities and the DA’s office to have the Video Cameras installed at the jail in response to the 1999 beating death of inmate Thomas Pizzuto. This corrupt County Executive failed to even review the video recorded evidence in response to the egregious failures that caused the tragic death of a pre-trial detainee on 1to1 Suicide Prevention Watch after a previous incident that caused Darryl Woody in an effort to get his medication that were being denied to him at the jail. The Video Surveillance Cameras caught it all! Where is the leader of the Citizens on Good Government Group, Advocating on behalf of inmates at the jail all-the-while campaigning for the former dungeons in the Secure Prison Ward at NUMC? Access Denied! Transparency transversed; Alternative Facts Affirmed “What About Darryl Woody!” Suicide or Homicide? You Decide! “Release The Video!” This is a direct appeal to to politicians calling for transparency in the eyes of Justice for the call to the end of the systematic-merry-go-“round abuse. Where corporations, that monopolizes the media to shape public appeal, Abuse their powers by colluding with serial corrupt politicians, continuing to poison the well. Draining the swamp begins by calling-out these in-effective Good Government Groups for aiding, abetting, and coddling with known repeated predators to gain advances that mutes these groups message and accountability measures.

    Dr Hart: We need to clean up our Island and improve the environment.

    Transparency to the citizens is essential and conversely the blind-folding of the politicians as to who is hired is required too.
    Judges, executives, and legislators cannot lose site of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.  These documents create a framework that has worked now for a third century, but we must always be reminded of the words.

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